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Thank you all so much for taking such great care of Merle and welcoming him into your ”home”. I think I can truthfully say I hated the day that we admitted him, but learned to accept that GHC was his new home. He enjoyed being around all of you and truly enjoyed the activities. - Merle's Family
Our sincere thanks to Charlie Cox and your entire staff for caring for and all that you did for Joseph Glenn Musich. The consideration, the time, and all of your hard work and dedication has really been appreciated! - The Musich Family
To the Gilman Healthcare Center and all the wonderful folks who work and live there. Thank you for the good care you gave Wayne. Thank you also for the lovely angel you gave us at Wayne’s memorial service. It is beautiful, and it will be greatly treasured. - In Memoriam
Thank you all for taking care of mom during her years there. Some of you are so very special to me, as you were to my mom, and I am exceptionally grateful! - J.M. and Family
Love all you folks do there! It was so great seeing Dad, Elvin Schuette celebrating his 90th birthday last month! I only wish we did not live so many miles apart! Love that man so much!!!! - The Schuettes
To all of the people that had a hand in bring me back to health: Thank you very much for your kind assistance in my recovery. I will not forget any of the Nurses, CNA’s, Kitchen People, or Doctors that helped me along the way. You have all been kind and caring towards me.
I would also like to thank all the residents that I have met there, that talked to me, laughed with me, and expressed an interest in all of my hobbies. Also all the CNA’s that encouraged me to get back to practicing my guitar playing… All the Activities People that encouraged me to join in on all the Activities, I will certainly never forget those people for their kindness. I will never forget the bus drivers either.
- Clark O. Haynes
My brother and I are extremely grateful for the care our mother received at Gilman Healthcare. - S. Bence
After my car accident I didn't know what to expect. The Gilman Healthcare staff were so helpful. Lyndsi, John, Susie, went the extra mile. I am now back in my own home and living life. - D. Betzel
Thank you for all your care during Mom's short stay with you. Your kindness will always be remembered. - E. Varner
I arrived the 24th of December from Riverside to take rehabilitation from a fractured hip received from a fall on the ice.
When I first arrive, the thing I noticed most was the happy faces and family like atmosphere. It was so good to see that especially when you are feeling so bad. They can perk you up in a hurry. That goes for everyone here. Always smiling and pleasant was all the staff.
After a few days I started rehab. The P.T. department also couldn’t have been nicer and fun. They made it more fun than work. They did work you though.
Nurse, C.N.A.’s were very helpful and understanding. They came whenever I called and helped me with my request. Always seemed to be upbeat and patient.
You sometimes hear about the food at this kind of facility, but I have found it very good and the dietary department is very accommodating and always smiling with a Good Morning. They will give you something different if you don’t care for what is on the menu.
Activities were always fun. We played a lot of bingo and prizes were sometimes given by a church. One bingo was 25 cents and the last bingo of the day got the pot. I was a recipient of it once. Refreshment were always served. Susie Offill and Kami Kimmel were great at it.
Housekeeping was always keeping things clean and smelling good. This is a big place and its quite a job to do. Very friendly and helpful to the people.
Jackie is the main van driver. She takes us to doctor appointments wherever they might be. That is a tough job. She has to deal with all kinds of weather and times of appointments, early morning or later in the afternoon.
All in all this is a great place to be if you need it. I and my husband are glad we made the choice.
- J. Harvick